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Friday, 31 March 2017

March Wrap Up



  • Uni's back in full swing, and I've got all these assignments at the same time. Help!
  • My driving lessons are continuing, but I'll say no more on that point...
  • I had a great reading month with a streak of nine 4-star books!
  • An author thanked me for reviewing his book!



Click the covers to go to the Goodreads links. 
18456025  7923473  18369509  27833741
24489079  30967830  25322449  3289162
22712093  25493869  25614492  34606519

Around the blogosphere

CW at Read Think, Ponder discussed characters with "difficult" names.
Cait at Paper Fury asked what is the perfect amount of pages for a book?
Puput at Sparkling Letters told us how to figure out your perfect blogging schedule.

As you can see, I had a great reading month this March! What did you get up to?

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